Why Do People still Purchase DVDs?


For a long time, people have been reluctant to shift from DVD to Blue-ray. DVDs came into existence in early 1995 and dominated the market for a while before the world was introduced to Blu-ray in 2006. At this time, many people had already built a broad collection of movies. IMO did not feel good by this technology and shifting to a new disk format faster.
So, between 2006 and 2008, there was a small feud between HD DVD and Blue-ray about Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, to which would be the best format for games. Those who are not console gamers, did not want to buy a dedicated HD DVD or Blu-ray because of the uncertainty of who the winner would be. No one wanted to use the old technology and movie collection they would not be able to use.

The difference in definition between DVD and Blu-ray is not significant, especially to the standard viewer, especially if you view movies on smaller television sets. There is nothing fancy to most people, especially when you have to re-buy your catalogue all over again in a new format, which will most probably cost even more than the DVD variant.
At this time, most people have owned multiple DVD players in their homes. Most people would not be willing to replace these. Even if you purchased one Blu-ray player for your living room, when you buy  DVDs for sale, would you purchase one which you can watch on one devices or all the devices?
The truth is that the streaming technology has affected the ability of Blu-ray to replace DVDs for good. In addition, those who did not want to use Blu-ray earlier, suddenly saw how media content would be delivered to them at home. It now made more sense to use some content on the internet, and the rest with their DVDs.